Carnivores for Dinner

Look, I’m not saying I don’t like meat.  Heck, I recently dropped $250 per person to eat steak in a Japanese basement.  But the portions were small, the beef was psychotically good (deranged the senses), and it’s a holiday kind of thing.

Normally, it’s fish from NEW DEAL three times a week, a pasta, some chicken, etc.

OK, sure, a waygu burger from meat flown in from Allen Brothers, Snake River, or D’Artagnan, once a month, pan seared, and then broiled with Emmental.

But say there are guests…guests who thrive on beef nightly, guests who love pork…guests who want an immediacy of taste rather than a long finish, guests who do not ever eat fish…

It’s a problem to cook food that I don’t like to satisfy the hunger of carnivores.

Solution: David Chang’s fried chicken.  Steam and then fry and toss with soy & vinegar and chopped ginger.  And pray for an early night.

Did I mention the carnivores love desserts?!

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