The White Mall and the Mall that Used To Be White

I ran into Chris Rock the other day.  I was going through security at Logan and this dark, little, skinny, bearded guy with a big Tiger Woods Ya’al Cap on sort of cut the line and stood next to me.  Chris Rock.  For certain there is no one on earth, now that Richard Pryor has joined the majority, who has made me laugh as loud for as long.

I wanted to say something to him.  He stood only a foot away.  But he had a game face on, and besides what could I say?

I wanted to recite one of his jokes, which is a favorite of mine: “There’s the white mall.  And then there’s the mall that used to be white.”

But why would I do that?

Anyway, the same kind of thinking applies to certain towns and certain restaurants.  As in: There are restaurants that the students go to.  And restaurants students go to when their parents are in town.

That’s the kind of town some people live in.  You have a huge array of inexpensive sub joints, pizza places, falafel dives, BBQ (lots of that lately; and you know why?  ‘Cause it’s hard to mess up pig, especially with beer or hard liquor), and Indian, Chinese, Thai, or Mexican food.

Then you have high end restaurants where dinner for two–Thanks, Mom!  Thanks, Dad!–can easily run $150 per person.  It’s not that the food at these Mom & Pop places is good, but where else to take the Rents?  And how else can the Rents say: I Love You?  Other than to order the $49 steak.

Now that’s funny.

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