The Spanish Paradox

In tomorrow’s NY Times, a piece on Rioja wines.  Gran Riserva wines, “despite the dire warnings,” that this grand style was unsuited for today’s lighter fare, is doing well on the market, thank you very much.

In today’s NY Times, a piece on unemployment in Spain.  Fifty percent of “young people” have no jobs; overall, 25% of Spanish are out of work.  The article is accompanied by a photo of a scrounger in a garbage bin foraging for food.  Obviously, the locavore movement in Spain is strong and getting stronger by the day!

Meanwhile,  from stateside, why not take Asimov’s advice and pour yourself a glass of a good Rioja?  Here’s Asimov on the wines, “…Prado Enea’s for me. Still, it’s great to have choices, gran reservas among them. You can find current releases of Prado Eneas for around $60, while Torre Mugas are a little more expensive, around $75. Other producers who make good gran reservas include López de Heredia and La Rioja Alta, of course; Bodegas Faustino;Bodegas RiojanasCVNE’s Imperial and Viña Real; Bretón’s Dominio de Conte; and Marqués de Murrieta.”

Which begs the question: Who is picking the grapes to make the Rioja?




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