Pizza Party!

After the $85 debacle at Pizzeria Posto, may it rest in peace, I decided to stop by at Galleria Umberto.  No publicist, no advertising, no website, no $350 pig roast by reservation only.  (That’s a Pizzeria Posto event you can plan.  $350 and you get a roast pig.  Um, OK.  What does that have to do with Italian food or pizza?  Ask the pig.)

Galleria Umberto is a gem.  Ralph and Paul man the counter.  Paul in his two cornered cap, Ralph looking as if he just put down the barbells.

The room is chill, as always, with a panoply of folks from the neighborhood and from out of town.

I asked for corners.  I got corners.

Perfection at $11 for two meals.

I mean, got to have cold slices for breakfast, right?

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