The Albany Report: Part 3

Smitten with the capital of the Empire state, from the desperation of the corners of Clinton & Lark, to the junction of Delaware and Lark, from the moist farmlands to the Hmong finding a home, to the ravioli at Andy’s on Delaware, and a nod to the humongous bagel at Uncommon Ground, the city has character and depth.  I feel as if I am exploring Kinshasa or Taos or Pierre. It’s all new!

OK, fine, Troy isn’t Albany.  Duh and double duh.  But let’s not get pedantic. Dinosaur BBQ, in Troy, is rather stunning.  They started in Syracuse (not Greece or Sicily, but upstate NY) and now have branches in Troy, Harlem, and Newark.  The ribs are falling off the bone, meaty, smoky but not overwhelmingly so, and the rub has a fine balance of cumin, black pepper, and brown sugar.  Greens, mac ‘n’ cheese, maple syrup sweet potatoes.  Hello?  It was perfect.  Plus the brisket and the pulled pork?  And the many beers on draft?  And the server with a fine sense of humor plus alacrity?  Did I mention the Sazarac?

Let’s throw in New World Bistro where Dez arranged for a BLT that was nuts.  It was nuts!  It was crazy!  Toasted challah, thick and chopped and peppery bacon, slices of tomato, lots of lettuce.  Just the right amount of mayo.  At the end of the meal, a scent of THC emerged from the general direction of the kitchen.

Nearby, in Ghent, ample pickings of golden D’s and just up the road a distillery where some bad boys are turning the clocks back to make firewater.

And to top it all off, Obama is up 7%.

What a world.

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