The Mushrooms Are Coming! The Mushrooms Are Coming!

Every muffler, every brake, every footfall on the street brings to mind the fact that soon, sooner than I think, the mushrooms will be here and the festivities can begin.  The children on the block are festooned in costumes, some in the traditional gray and white or yellow, others going modern in souped up mushroom garb that combines a postmodernist sensibility with respect for the earth’s bounty.

It all comes down to this: Who will be crowned this year’s Fungus King and Queen?

The judges–an impartial panel of mycologists–will have to decide!

While we await the thud of the package, what else is in the news?

Well, of course, the BIG news is that my book appeared on Amazon yesterday: BACK OF THE HOUSE.  Out in February, it listed at something like one bazillion in sales, but by this morning it was at 245,000 or so.  Here’s a special offer: Buy ten, get one free signed copy!  Offer good only through October 29th.

Was that a UPS truck I heard?

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