Mushroom Days, Mushroom Nights

The festivities ended just about the same time as the buses started their first morning routes.  After dinner what happened was the big masquerade ball, sort of a prelude or nod to Halloween, and this year’s fungus-inspired costumes matched the fervent of the madcap band brought in from Toronto.  Never mind the name of the band, let’s just say it was a pun, OK?

The dinner menu was revised at the last moment by the chef.  First course turned into pan seared red snapper with grated wasabi.  Then, inspired by noodles, he took two dishes and made them into one:

A miso broth with Swiss chard and matsutake below which were soba noodles cooked independently and added to the broth in the bowls.

What about the chanterelles?   You might well ask.

Saved for tonight!  The festival has been extended by twenty-four hours!


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