Writing Weather

I’ve been writing about the 1930s for the past three years and, when I am about to doze off and in the first moments of morning consciousness, the darkness of that decade gains a greater specificity.  Which will make for a good book, the one I’m writing, while also placing every misgiving in the here and now in stark perspective.  It’s as if events go on and I see them from a distance unless I decide to hone in, and then the listening and observation have a laser-like focus and immediacy.

But enough of that, to paraphrase Busta Rhymes, a.k.a. Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr.

I mean do you just love his music?  Of course you do:

“See how I’m drillin ’em baby?
It’s Bus-a-Bus back bitch, I’m killin ’em crazy
We off the Relaxic, I’m spillin the gravy
Got every club packed thick, creating a frenzy
To be the latest greatest for all you niggaz from gazing
Bugatti off white tan, interior pastry
See my swagger sharp like that, these niggaz amaze me
As a matter a fact just salute me and praise me
Enough of that.”

Where was I?

Ah, I remember.

The halibut.

I made a white bean and kale soup in the pressure cooker.  First, the beans in eight cups of water.  Drain all but one cup after 18 minutes of cooking.  Add chopped kale and one sliced onion and salt and high quality olive oil and four cups of water.  Pressure cook for five minutes.  Place in large, round fish/seafood pan.  Preheat oven to 200.  Take 1/2 pound, bone in filet of halibut and dust in flour.  Add salt and pepper.  Pan sear over high heat to get a crust on all sides.  Let it rest on a paper bag to get the oil off.  Place atop the beans and kale.  Put the halibut, beans, and kale in the preheated oven for 20 minutes.  Remove from oven and plate.  Add salt and lemon juice atop the fish.  Serves two.



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