Three for Three

Unusually, because I am far more often in the house cooking, I found myself in three cute, little restaurants over the past 24 hours.

All cost about the same–$25-30 per person with drinks, tax, and tip–and all were pretty good.

The first was BACK DECK on West Street in downtown Boston.  Lively room, packed with Emerson and Suffolk students, it’s basically a bar that sells food.  Adequate wings and an adequate turkey burger and one cold gin Martini per person and, $47 later, we’re good to go see Seven Psychopaths.  Spiff up any neighborhood bar and it’d be the same.  Oddly, this place has a real chef, Paul Sussman, who, back to the room, feels the need to devote energy to expediting this food.

Next up was SIDE STREET CAFE, in Florence, MA, where chef Patrick Shannon cooks really good food.  We’re talking turkey pot pie, BLTs, Reubens, sausage and kale soup, and burgers.  Great room, local crowd, light years better than the dinner the night before.

Finally, it was GASTROPUB in Albany, NY: Terrific, thin pizza with soppressata from Andy’s, a local deli that is first-rate, burgers with freshly ground beef, a pork ragu with rigatoni, and a salad of local, golden beets.  About eight beers on tap.  Heaven, really.


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