The Albany Report, Part 4

We’re talking, first of all, about Jack’s.  Not the fancy-pants, old school, downtown steak and lobster place with the way cool signage and what must be a great bar, not that I know yet, but I will.

No, this is Jack’s Diner.  Also old school, but well within budget for many.  Open 24 hours.  A small aluminum room with stools and booths.  The crowd on Sunday AM?  Four old white men in suits straight from church; one of the group unable to walk and so supported by the others.  An older African-American couple.  A younger African-American couple with the woman in tight gray sweat pants and a little skin as she leaned forward on the stool.  A big white family.  A big white cop.

OK, the food.  Really delicious eggs.  And, more to the point, was a turkey club sandwich with generous slices of bacon.  Turkey, apparently, is the house speciality.

Will we be back?

Can’t wait.

Later, that same morning, we visited the Food Coop.  A saint from the Bible was returning to his car as we arrived: Lean, tall, grizzled, gray, and bearded.

Inside: Amazing stalks of Brussels sprouts, kambocha, spinach, and kale micro greens.  Even better: An astonishing stock of Misty Knolls chicken; this is restaurant quality bird, unavailable consistently in Boston.  Plus, Neal’s Yard Dairy cheeses, a room of beans and bulk.

Staff at both?

Chill, of course.

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