Why Obama Will Win: Secret Revealed!

OK, the phone rings, she answers it, we’re in rural Pennsylvania or Ohio or Virginia, where the gals have to deal with the more conservative spouses who would be really disappointed if they felt or knew that their wives voted differently than them.

That’s the case here and in countless homes.

So, within earshot of Mr. Control Freak, she says, “Oh, yes, my goodness, of course I’m voting for Romney, you betcha!”

This is the same person who has a close relationship with her daughters who, sexually active, ask her advice on birth control and abortion.  And the same one, close to her parents, who knows about their specific medical costs that will increase if Romney is elected.  She knows what medications they are taking, what their co-pays are, and what the deductible is.  He doesn’t.

But she lacks the authority to be honest in front of her husband so she says to the pollster she is voting for Romney while secretly she will, behind closed curtains, vote for Obama.

He returns his attention to the T.V. satisfied that there is no dissent in his house, and asks, “When’s dinner ready?”

“Soon,” she says, “soon.”

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