OBAMA RE-ELECTED!: Onto more pressing matters, and ho-hum

Fine, so it wasn’t the landslide victory I imagined, but still I think that 310 Electoral votes for Obama and 228 for Romney? That’s pretty impressive.  Pretty, pretty impressive.

Maybe it was Sandy & Christy & Bloomberg?  Or maybe the sedative drugs just wore off and people who had seen themselves in The Fun House realized that they were in The Haunted House and said: “Damn, I best get the Hell out.”

Anyhoo, to quote Ma: Onto more important matters.

Last point, OK, OK: aren’t you glad that the election is over and that white people can go back to their caves?  Any day now, I feel it, I know it is going to happen, they are going to catch  up: THEY WILL DISCOVER FIRE.

I mean, serious?

Speaking of which, and to address specifically the issue of more pressing matters:  The matsutake arrived today (as did the chanterelle) and we’re talking broth with the M’s and carrots and yam flavored soba plus, double plus, melted Gruyere over some psychotic–not psychedelic, but crazy delicious–chanterelle.

After all, this is all about food, right?  Right?!

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