Poker and the Election

Last night, after cold gin at Park, my new favorite restaurant in Boston, where the food is good, the ceilings are low, there is a new meat pie daily, and the staff is congenial, I returned home to make a blazing fire and another Japanese soup, this time with halibut strips, tuna belly, baby bok choy, and matsutake.  Preceded by melted Gruyere with matsutake on toasted olive bread.

All this gave me the fortitude needed to venture out in a sweated hoodie to vote at a fire station.

It looks good, it really looks good.

Up at 1:43 A.M., Nate Silver posted this: “All of this leaves Mr. Romney drawing to an inside straight. I hope you’ll excuse the cliché, but it’s appropriate here: in poker, making an inside straight requires you to catch one of 4 cards out of 48 remaining in the deck, the chances of which are about 8 percent. Those are now about Mr. Romney’s chances of winning the Electoral College, according to the FiveThirtyEight forecast.”

Well, Mitt, go back to making money, honey.

Only hours remain before leaving for Geneva via Amsterdam to begin work on a movie.

I sure hope Nate ain’t bluffing…


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