Into the Woods

After the rains, and followed by a dry period, the earth yields porcini and truffles.  I know, right?  Who needs cattle, pigs, bunnies, lamb, birds, or even fish?

Forget what I said about the fish.

Last night we hit alle testiere, one of my favorite restaurants on the planet, and it was simple white wine, preceded by Prosecco, accompanied by tagliatelle with white truffles and then Adriatic turbot filets with spices that included juniper berries and cinnamon bark.  Crazy delicious.

Does everything taste good here or is it me?  What?  Right, everything tastes good.

OK, you have to be discerning.  Lots of stuff looks good and isn’t.  The breads?  Not so much.  Most of the restaurants?  No, thanks.

But Rialto with the Castelfranco lettuce, finger shaped radicchio, “drunk” cheeses and pecorino?  Wow.

Tonight it’s gnocchi from my favorite bakery with porcini and bottles of wine preceded by “spritz,” a legacy of the Austrian occupation.

Then back to the woods, metaphorically speaking.

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