Thanksgiving? Banh Mi!

For years I have been saying that what this city needs, what every city needs, are more Asian vegetarian restaurants.  By Asia I mean Japan, Vietnam, India, China, and Thailand.  These countries have long traditions of Buddhism that forbid the killing of animals and, as a result, developed unbelievably delicious vegetarian cuisines.  From yuba to tofu to dumplings to noodles, to cumin to soy, it’s all there.

So imagine the delight when at the “food court” in front of Super 88 in Allston I discovered, just three days old, a vegetarian Banh Mi joint run by two Vietnamese women.  So new that all they had were five color photographs of the sandwiches.

“No menu yet,” the older woman said,  “Soon.”

She explained that in Saigon the family had raised their own “bio” or organic produce.

The fried tofu and shredded carrots with a savory, spicy red sauce was heavenly.  And at $3.75?  Get two.


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