30 Days Until Christmas

Just as the last of the turkey is eaten and the pies disappear and the stuffing goes and I weigh myself and find that three pounds have appeared since Wednesday, it is only 30 days until the next insane holiday.

Thank goodness for the Internet.  I bought my car on the internet and have lined up all sorts of goodies for loved ones at many sites.  Siberian tiger body sweat?  I’m on it.  Rare white truffles from Moravia?  Got it.  Chilean river eels?  Duh.

The online shopping liberates my time and keeps me from pressing the panic button as the crowds swarm.

Which leaves me with time, too, to get stories done that are due imminently: A man who is a food guide in Tokyo, Japanese whisky, Thailand’s golden triangle, and hard to find restaurants in Tokyo.

The countdown begins.

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