I don’t know about you (how could I, how could anyone), but why did today’s NYT devote half of its front page in the Food section and another half a few pages later on the merits of digging a “bean hole” in which to cook beans in one’s yard?   (Answer below.)

Apartment dwellers: Do NOT dig holes in the lobby!  This article is NOT for you.

Folks with yards: Better hurry!  The earth is getting hard, it’s nearly winter.

Honestly, what is the point?  Don’t we all have pots and stoves and pressure cookers?  Do buried beans taste better than beans cooked the way normal people prepare them?

Who has the time to go around digging holes, anyway?

Psychologically speaking, the piece was actually all about relationships.  The relationships that exist between the editor of the Food section and the writer of the piece on beans.

I think friendship is very important!

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