Today’s Fast Food Story

As the inimitable George Clinton put it: “Do fries go with that shake?”

Today, avoiding the blazing controversies over sustainable, humanely raised, organic, and local, farm to table issues that weigh so, so heavily upon all of us, even you, restaurant workers in NYC are leading the charge on another critical matter.

Fair wages.

These are fast food food workers who, as reported in today’s NYT, are making $8.75 an hour, which is, ballpark, less than $80 a day, $400 a week, $1600 a month, and $19,200 a year.  Let them eat fries!

This is the kind of matter that could actually revolutionize the world of food.

OK, it won’t, but it should.

I mean, serious?  All the distractions of GMO labeling and the aforementioned nonsense is a huge and very welcome distraction to an industry whose workers are notoriously underpaid.




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