Wednesday Food & Fast Food Workers: Burgers of the World Unite!

Hats off or hats on or kudos or woo-hoo’s to Eduardo Porter writing in today’s NYT about efforts to unionize workers in fast food establishments.  Mr. Porter, writing in the Business section, notes in his column that starts on the front page just how poorly paid workers are who sell fast food, and describes in great detail in scintillating prose what this means for them and us.

Here is the link:

Of great importance is Mr. Porter’s closer.  He notes the connection between low wages and limitations day to day and what this means for the role of government when these workers have health care, education, and housing needs.

I looked for links to this column in today’s Food sections, but came up short.  However, if you need a cassoulet kit for $182, I can tell you where to get it.

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