It’s That Holiday Time of Year

Normally, my idea of a big night out is a big night in, but this time of year being what it is, I’m out on the streets or inside restaurants, other people’s homes, movie theaters, theaters where live performances are taking place, and stadiums to watch the Celtics do what they did best.  I mean, last night: Double OT against Dallas without Dirk?  Seriously?

Prior, it was a pleasant dinner at Scampo: Agnolotti with bunny for me and spaghetti Bolognese for my companion.  Great service, lively room, decent rabbit.  The spaghetti, however: Would it kill the restaurant to use a decent product?  At $17 a portion, they are already turning a 2000% profit on the pasta.  And the agnolotti dish?  So much salt in the food that I was thirsty all night.  Sigh.  But what else is there near the TD Garden, and please.  Please don’t say the North End.  Look, the thing is?  Scampo could care less.  Great room, great service, OK food and you know what?  They know we’ll all come back because: Where else ya gonna go?

Meanwhile tonight there is an international pot luck party that I am looking forward to attending.  I was thinking miso soup, but then I came to my senses: Turkey meatballs baked in red sauce.

Then for the next 72 hours: Hobbits, Pippin, Market, and PARK restaurant.

Thank goodness it’s nearly February.


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