Snacks will be served

The rains have not started yet, but they will, shortly, and then what?  Build a fire, listen to Dizzy, and bundle up to see Pippin at the A.R.T.  Don’t you just love the holiday season?  Well, don’t you?

Yesterday, walking a gauntlet of short and tall fir trees, in order to buy food for the week, I fell for a big wreath that is now attached to a nail on my front door.  The ecumenical approach to life is splendid.  If we were in India, I’d be right there with Diwali.  Last year, Lord Ganesh and I were buddy-buddy.  A few years back, hot sake at a Shinto shrine.  It’s all a colossal distraction from the worst that can happen.

Meanwhile, in the week ahead, one thing will lead to another, one foot will be placed before the other, and soon some of us will be goose stepping while others will be attempting to avoid being noticed.

I’m just glad that, as Dave Chapelle noted, snacks will be served.

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