Diwali Comes But Once A Year

I get so confused this time of year.  Don’t you?  Is it Diwali?  Hanukah?  Kwanza?  Wait, I know!  It’s Christmas.

I do love this time of year.  Really.  Yesterday, my friend F, who almost single-handedly wrecked the banking system a few years back through reckless loans and mortgage schemes, gave me a wonderful turkey, freshly slaughtered, to roast on Christmas day.  And tonight, after the Annual Somerville Christmas Tour–dancing deer, singing wreaths, rooftop sleighs that move–it’ll be truffled pasta and little, baby chickens.

Meanwhile, “Back of the House” moves up the charts.  Pre-sales at Amazon put us in the top 100 within its category.

What does it all mean?

Let me guess.

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