Storms, Strikes, Spares

Here in the Emerald City, the palms are swaying in the gentle breezes and the banjos are playing to accompany the snare drums in the quiet villages where abundance is evident  in the baskets of colorful fruits and vegetables.

However, just west of here, a mere two hours away, rumor has it that the skies are filling with thick clouds and soon snow will pound down and quiet old fears and ignite new ones.  Panic in the streets!  Shovels in hands!  Men keeling over due to the exertion!

And strikes!  The dockworkers will return to work.  Whew!  KIAs on their way!

Spares are seen in the bulging tires on midriffs from all the holiday fun.  We’re trying to avoid that here in The Haas Test Kitchen with some degree of success.  A killer Icelandic leg of lamb roasted at 350 for 90 minutes did the trick last night.  I adapted a simple Indian spice rub from Julie Sahni: Garlic, ginger, cumin, oil, dried and hot red pepper, ground cloves, and fresh coriander.  Wrap it all up in foil.  Prep = 7 minutes.

Tonight?  I bought a pound of fresh chanterelle in the wholesale section of Russo’s, where I have a new BFF, and will serve the babies up in a broth–maybe–and also some dried spaghetti.

Wait: I hear the melody from the window.  Surely, it’s not a siren, but a new love.

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