New Year: Back of the House

I woke up this A.M. to see that my new book, “Back of the House,” is #4 in its category at Amazon.  Then I bought tickets for Japan, and sat down for a breakfast of blood orange juice, Porto Rico coffee, and bagels and bialys and belly lox and sturgeon and Nova and pastrami salmon from Barney Greengrass.

“Back of the House” will be in a 4000 word excerpt this month in Boston’s #1 glossy, monthly magazine.

And yet: When will I be able to plunge into the new book?

Meanwhile, in the big news today: Scientists have located bacteria  in vineyards that add a taste to the grapes.  The same vineyard can have varying amounts of the bacteria, which is evidence of terroir.  Art meets science.

Or is it science meets art?

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