Big Food News in 2013 or Follow the Money

Many trend prognosticators are pointing to pork as the meat that will dominate restaurant plates in 2013.  Is this backlash to our Islamic brothers and sisters?  A stab at Pakistan, Indonesia, and other lands where The Prophet is held in high esteem?

That’s the indirect effect of it all, but no, everyone needs to calm down.  It’s not about Islam.

It’s about a a thing called: Price Point.

The prices for pork are a gazillion times cheaper than for fish, shellfish, high end vegetables, and prime beef.  Pork is a meat that costs less: An unimaginative chef with a bad business plan can do a lot with it.  And when you start cooking the pig’s heart, feet, snout, face, and tail?  Even cheaper!

But is pork half as good as a great piece of fish?  A beautiful bowl of mushrooms or vegetables?

Of course not.

But, hey, pour the IPA and serve the “libations” by the mixologist and…voila!

Allahuh Akbar!

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