Back of the House: Momentum Builds

Now that the holidays are over and people are sobering up gradually, attention is being paid to my latest book.  It’s like that girl says in that song by Kanye: “You think it’s easy being a model?”

The biggest news is the 4,000 word excerpt in Boston magazine, which will be out on 1/29/13.  The book itself appears on 2/5/13.

Other news includes:

An interview on ABC Australia the day or two before or after the book is published.

Review in Serious Eats.

Moderator on a panel at the TriBeCa branch of the 92nd Street Y on 6/18/13 with my guests: Allison Pearlman, Dave Pasternack, Georgette Farkas, and Leyla Marchetto.

Speaker at the National Restaurant Association in Chicago (May).

Speaker at the ICE (May).

But you, yes, you can do your part.  Don’t sit on the sidelines!  Go to Amazon now, right now, and buy ten books.

Ten books:

Will feed a chef for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Provide books, pencils, and desks to a classroom of fifteen children.

Create a sustainable tank of grass fed fish.

Do your part to make this country great again!



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