Back of the House: Het Achterhuis

I was reading the new bio of Walther Rathenau last night, you know the one, by Shulamit Volkov, and it’s slow going to sift through the tragedy in the making.  Not the murder, per se, but the nightmarish evolution of the idea of how “the stab in the back” came about in fascist circles as the cause of Germany’s defeat in the first world war.  Simply put, and there’s more to it than this naturally, Rathenau was in charge of armament supplies, doubted the war being a victorious one for his nation, Germany, and profited through his leadership at AEG while advising the government.

This led to a good winter dish of fresh spinach fettucine with dried porcini, fresh chanterelles, Chinese garlic, celery, a carrot, and grated parmigiano with olive oil and black pepper.

After the Rathenau bio is done, I’m turning to, “The Night of Broken Glass,” which is not about Hell Night in Detroit though I can see where you might think that’s the case, but rather is a compilation of first person accounts of arrests and state terrorism in 1938.  Gramps was rounded up that night and incarcerated for three weeks.  Hard core MF!

Tonight’s menu is a small piece of yellowfin with lots of vegetables as it’s a balmy 37F.

Meanwhile PR continues for “Back of the House.”  This event, that event, lists, and conundrums.

Did you know that Anne Frank’s diary was originally called, “Het Achterhuis?”  Echt waar, it’s true.  Only my subtitle is different…

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