The Honor Society

Eater National published yesterday its list of Notable Books to watch for in Spring, 2013, and, yes, “Back of the House,” made it to Honorable Mention.  And was I honored?  Why, I was honored by the offer, as my father-in-law used to say, all night!

Thrilled is more like it.  And when Daniel himself tweeted me on the mention?  Why, it was like being asked to come onstage and sing, “Gimme Shelter.”

Earlier that very same day, pull your chairs up closer, Harvard Book Store confirmed a reading and book signing that I had been working on earlier in the week.  I love this bookstore: It’s fun, civilized, diverse, playful, and inviting.  My previous book had a party there and was it a great night?  Of course it was!  People showed up and laughed!  The singing commenced later.

Other events I have personally arranged loom: The National Restaurant Association convention in Chicago, where I’ve not been but for 24 hours 34 years ago; a big party at Tribeca Grill, thanks to Drew Nieporent; a talk with Paul Liebrandt at the ICE; and, more talks with more chefs, including Dave Pasternack at the Tribeca branch of the 92nd Street Y.

Here’s the Eater link:

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