Tahrir Square: Big Book Event!

We’re all gathering our prayer books and putting on our shoes and Friday Best robes and heading down to Ye Olde Tahrir Square to buy copies of, “Back of the House.”  Zamir said it was #7 on Kindle yesterday, in Professional Books, and though my friend, whom I regard as a brother, tends to exaggerate–I mean, really?  Did that weekend in Alexandria even happen with Adara?–this time he was telling the truth.

Look, OK, it’s not quite as good a read as, “The Protocols of Zion,” and, no, it won’t be the dust-up over the latest outpost in Nablus, but still?  It’s a good book about celebrity chefs and who better to rustle up a bowl of couscous, grilled lamb, and stewed okra than Ghalia Alia Mahmoud?  I’m not saying that he’ll be there, but  الحمد لل, we can hope, can’t we?  They cannot take that away from us!  Even the prisoner pacing behind the bars, to paraphrase Rilke (not Jewish, by the way, though I can see why you might think that), has hopes!

What do we hope to accomplish?

For one thing, we’re talking about freedom!  Freedom in the kitchen for the galley, the moppers, the scrubbers, and the people making deliveries.  For another, it’s breaking the chains that kept us in the old ways, the mental dungeons of the oppressor.

Above all, we are going to usher in a new era!  Back of the House (available on Amazon, pre-order yours today) will be like the Koran of the Second Arab Spring.


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