Journey to Oz!

In the latest development, my new book, “Back of the House,” is getting air time in Australia.  I have not yet been to OZ, but I expect to be there soon, one of these days, to feast on the beef and throw back a few cold ones, and weigh in on whatever it is I am asked to weigh in on.

Meanwhile, closer to home, we’re only days away from the 4,000 word excerpt of, “Back of the House,” in Boston magazine.  On the very day that the issue hits the stands and appears in cyberspace I’ll be soaking in a very hot spring in Kaga Onsen.

Even closer to home, this just in: Four wild turkeys crossing the intersection of Lowell & Brattle Streets at 7:45 A.M.  Two fellas, two gals.  My dogs were curious and then?  Then they weren’t.



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