Where To Eat in Boston

Let’s take a breather from shameless promotion of my new book, “Back of the House,” shall we?  I mean even Biggie came in from the cold after selling CC all night.  Am I right?  Of course, I’m right.  Canada Goose can only keep you so warm.

Dog–that’s what my intimates call me, and it’s not because of my uncanny vocal resemblance to Nate and his ex-cousin Snoop, but rather because I have, in fact, two Bernese mountain dogs–Dog, they say: Where should I eat in Boston?

My favorite restaurant in the entire city is Galleria Umberto: Ralph & Paul run this place, and it’s on Hanover Street, and, no kidding, this is the one place I will miss most if I ever pack it in and head to the mountains.  Square slices, the most positive vibe in the city, and, seriously?  You won’t be able to stop once you start.

Next up?  Why, Sullivan’s, on Castle Island, it’s where I always take out-0f-town guests.  The best dogs on the planet Earth, and the panoply of guests is like Boston’s version of a Fellini picture.  Post dog, walk the loop and joy will come to you.

I’m partial to the city’s bakeries: The best, easily, is Hi-Rise: Do not take the snoot factor to heart.  Look, if you had a B.A. from some hoity-toity college and socked it to the ‘rents for 200K?  You’d have attitude, for sure for sure, while serving scones and coffee to the wives and children of the investment banking community.  Focus!  Focus on the bread.  It’s light years better than any other joint; the only bakery that comes close is Sullivan Street, and Hell’s Kitchen is too far away.  For now.

You wonder about restaurants.  Don’t lie!  I saw you wondering.  Here is my list of places where, when you spend time and money, you won’t feel as if you’ve been hit upside the head.  And this list?  This is it: The downstairs bar at Upstairs in the Square; Park for drinks and pot pie; Nebo; Yakitori Zai; Darryl’s; and any number of Sichuan and Taiwanese places in Brookline and Allston.



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