What’s In, What’s Out in Food

This year eating with chopsticks and a fork and knife is very in.  Picking up bones laden with fat, borderline in, is on the cusp of being out.  Depends: If you go to the restaurants where pork and offal are at the center of the stoned out chef’s imaginative repertoire, count on using your hands and dreaming of flatware and sticks.

Super in: Talking about food, noting a favorite meal, describing floral notes in wine, and going on about why being vegan is so yesterday.  Out: Intimacy.  Do not–do not!–talk about needs or desires.  Unless you’re Lance Armstrong, keep your emotions and observations in the bunker.

So in it’s breathtaking: Remember the neighbor’s 16-year old kid who borrowed the family car and took a case of PBR to the beach and got the DUI?  Now, fast forward: Chef’s whites, tats, a culinary vocabulary informed by bacon, ribs, burgers, shakes, and fries: Voila!  Out: Using expensive products, chiefly fish and vegetables, to create tastes that are not immediate.

It promises to be an exciting year, that’s for sure, as the pigs face off against the pea shoot greens.

In: I’ll be selling my new book, “Back of the House,” on Parkside & Calhoun in Trenton.

“Hey, what’s up?  Got Back of the House, you ready?”

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