Back of the House: Less than a week and still…

My goodness, but the news comes tumbling in: yesterday, the Boston Phoenix ran a lovely Q & A about Back of the House conducted by the estimate Cassandra Landry:

Holy Henry Kissinger!

And on the very same day, Boston magazine ran its, as promised, 4000 word excerpt from the book:

Nice, nice, nice.

As if that wasn’t enough, the book is now #3 in professional cooking at Amazon: And that’s pre-sales as it is not even available until 2/5/13.

Meanwhile, escaping the hubbub, I’m here in Kanazawa at Beniya Mukaya, a ryokan where I’d stayed once before, sipping red wine and looking out onto an industrial valley while enjoying the drop in blood pressure subsequent to hot bath #4 of the day.

Lunch was kamo and soba.  Dinner will be fugu sashimi and Noto beef.

Paint it black!

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