Back of the House: Daily Update

From the 48th Floor of Park Hyatt Tokyo, as a guest of the property, I have views of the distant harbor and the great expanse of the city.

Unagi in a quick bento, pool awaits, meetings, etc., and then another evening with the estimable Shinji.

Earlier today a lovely ride on the Shinkansen from Kanazawa.  Was that Fuji-san?  Yes, it was!

Meanwhile news that the National Restaurant Association has me on their online brochure next to Anthony Bourdain as headliners.  Oh, my.

And BACK OF THE HOUSE is back to #1 nationally in professional books on cooking on Kindle…and that’s pre-sales!

The sun is bright: This winter in Tokyo is so lovely.

Noto beef last night, anago, cho-toro from blue fin, and way too much sake.

Meanwhile, in Boston, skulking…



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