Here @ Narita, in the world’s most visual culture, I’m enjoying the last Japanese meal for awhile: Bento of yakitori with a couple of cold drafts–Asahi and then Sapporo.

The yakitori is from Isetan and it’s pretty, pretty good!  Later, on the plane, we’ll dig into unagi.

Earlier today it was the A.M. drill as a guest of Park Hyatt Tokyo: 3 mile run (over a hazy city) followed by Aesop RX in the spa and then eggs, “crispy” bacon, and unreal musk melon watching the city come to life.

The complexity of Japan is evident in all things…what a refuge…historically, it has often served that purpose, from Tagore to the German Jews fleeing, to artists to the small.  Coupled with a heinous HX towards its neighbors–my, but had Japan attached itself to the West a mere 75 years earlier, rather than waiting for Perry’s black ships to force their game in 1853, things might have turned out differently.  Then their imperialism might have fit in.

Timing is everything!

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