Burger Heaven

I’m not certain that burgers existed in Bible times, but if I had to bet I’d say: Yes, yes they did. You know, here in Boston, burgers–and now pizza–are taking pride of place. And why not, gosh darn it! At the end of the day, after the parade is over and the streets are swept, is there anything more satisfying than a burger and an ice cold gin martini, bone dry, stirred and not shaken?

Rather than drop a Jackson at a restaurant, why not order the best beef in the world and make burgers at home? We don’t need restaurants for burgers, we need them to cook food that has depth, uses ingredients that you can’t get elsewhere readily, and creates memory through refinement and seasonality, whether it’s a dog at Sully’s to herald Spring or some fancy-pants white truffles at Esca.

Meanwhile: I ordered five pounds of U.S. waygu from DeBragga and it arrived today and my sweetheart is in for a surprise on V-day. This is delicious, high in fat beef that sizzles on the pan or grill, and served rare with melted Emmental on a toasted bun from Hi-Rise?

Taste of Biblical proportions!

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