Back of the House Update

Two rather lovely reviews today, one in Concord Monitor and the other at a good food blog, and they tell me–the voices–that the book is #49 in national sales on a list about cooking.

Meanwhile, today @ 2:30, taping commences with the extremely estimable radio station, KCRW, out of Los Angeles, California. Don’t you like the sound of that? Los Angeles, California.

Yesterday I finished reading, “A Private Matter,” by Kenzaburo Oe: Wow, what an astonishing novel. It was as if Villard and Camus and Celine were channeled into Japanese consciousness and the noise and clamor of the French writers was burnished in parts and replaced in parts by excruciating silence.

OK, it wasn’t sushi, but let’s be honest, shall we?

Speaking of things Japanese, I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Kajitsu is moving from the East Village to Murray Hill. No doubt to sate my Japanese brothers and sisters working midtown and the U.N. But am I the only one who will miss their funky downtown location?

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