Food Matters

It all started yesterday at lunch at Rubirosa, the amazing thin crust, Staten island-style pizzeria in Soho, with two big pies and toppings, respectively, of anchovies, little meatballs, arugula, and mushrooms.  Not only is this pizza among the best in the US of A, but?  But the pizzeria takes reservations.  Pull up a seat, have a draft IPA, and dig in.

Later, much later, a bread run to Hell’s Kitchen @ Sullivan Street Bakery and drinks @ West Bank Cafe: Ice cold Plymouths, up, olives, bone dry, stirred not shaken.

And then ESCA: Crudo, oysters, grouper, bigoli with walnuts and sardines, squid ink pasta.  No better restaurant anywhere.

And now this A.M.: A long walk down Houston to pick up @ Russ & Daughters: Nova, belly, “pastrami-style,” dozen poppy and everything, horseradish cream cheese.

On the way back, through the ever expanding Chinatown, and a dragon dance either to celebrate New Year’s or a kid’s Bar Mitzvah.


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