A Fine Line

There’s a fine line between the power of food to relax us and the power of food to distract us.  Why, my goodness, it can be a relief to buy a case of blood oranges from Russo’s and gorgeous red snapper from New Deal, but at what point does the food keep us from digging deeper into the things in our past, present, and future that need to be explored?

I don’t know, you tell me.

On a smaller scale, so much differentiates, in a general sense, one type of restaurant experience from another.  In Italy, the compliment paid to a restaurant is, “As good as what we have at home!”  In Japan, it’s, “This is so rare and delicious and it will be gone from the season tomorrow!”  In the US, it’s, “Wow, I never had this before!”

I know, generalizations.

Back to the fine line: How important are the experiences which give us pleasure?  I would alter Kundera’s line and say, “The Wonderful Lightness of Being,” rather than, “The Unbearable.”

I mean, after all, if we’re not laughing, what are we doing?  And of course Batali was right, as usual, when he quoted: A tavola non si invecchia!


One thought on “A Fine Line

  1. I like good food and I like cooking ; when I was a little girl I looked at my mum and grandmother while they were preparing lunch or dinner , I couldn’t do anything but this was the way I learnt.
    I find cooking .eating and drinking good wine the best way to stay with other people and feeling relaxed . It’s true when I eat well in a restaurant I feel like being at home , it’s a pleasure and there is always something to learn . A TAVOLA NON SI INVECCHIA….

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