The Monday Report!

Having read the astonishing, “Smart Casual,” by Alison Pearlman, a rich analysis of the social and historical contexts behind the childish, churlish, chilling, and thrilling experiences to be had, sometimes while being had, in restaurants in the United States, I’ve picked up, “Howling At the Moon.”

“Howling at the Moon,” by Walter Yetnikoff, who ran CBS records, is wonderful, just wonderful.  So far, here’s my favorite passage, which pits Mick Jagger against Yetnikoff: “I haven’t seen the promo budget.”  The exchange goes on for three pages.  How can the Stones sell albums if the record company won’t promote it?

In other news, according to The New York Times, Walmart is selling lots of copies of Delish, which looks like a terrific magazine filled with recipes, and some hackers got into the Twitter account of Burger King.

Meanwhile, in local news: I contacted Chronicle and today we’re taping an episode for Back of the House.  Later, on the same day, which would be today, as Mad Villain has noted musically, I contacted The Newark Star Ledger, NJ’s largest circulation paper, and we’re doing a phone interview for…Back of the House.

Tomorrow, live @ 2:45 on Radio Boston, 90.9, WBUR?  I contacted the station and got an interview for…BACK OF THE HOUSE.



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