Duck Weather

I love this weather.  Really, truly!  In a former life, as a duck, the icy canals and the pouring rain never penetrated the down.  Nowadays, it’s skin, but, still, there is something soothing about a downpour.  Being out in it, being in and looking out.

Yesterday was a cavalcade of fun, fun, fun!  From two mental patients in a locked ward to wet, black dogs leading me into snowbanks to technology carrying news that would make a duck want to fly south.

At least in the evening a pan seared Australian waygu from DeBragga and a 2000 Ormes de Pez made a dent–slight dent–in the wet mood pervading.

And now this A.M. it’s Dudley in Roxbury!

Will food suffice?  Have the blood oranges done the trick?  We shall see…

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