Spring is Here!

I consider March 1st to be the end of winter.  Mind, I also think of France as the capital of Paris.  My reliability is not foolproof.  On the contrary.  And yet, just crossing the border into the month of March what with more light, more rain, more buds?  Gladdens my heart.

It’s warm enough to walk around without a coat, but cold enough to enjoy spicy Korean food.  Why,  just today I met a friend at the very wonderful Bon Chon in Harvard Square.  Eight spicy wings that were also a tad sugary, cubes of raw daikon, a bowl of white rice, and a room of Koreans enjoying the chicken?  Only beer was missing, but just as well.  It’s lunch, I’m working, get real.

Speaking of working, and taking a page from the estimable Notorious B.I.G.–“I ain’t no social worker”–I’ve been seeing more news about…Back of the House.  This morning New England Psychologist ran a spectacular Q & A on the book: http://www.nepsy.com/articles/leading-stories/the-professional-chef-behind-the-menus.  Cathy Souter, the interviewer, was wonderfully focused with brainy Qs!

Tomorrow, 11-3, Formaggio Kitchen is having a book signing at the Huron Avenue store.  Thanks to Ihsan Gurdal for offering when we bumped into each other!  What a guy!  Heroes among us!

And on March 12th, the CBS Radio affiliate in Minneapolis, WCCO, is doing a live interview from 11-1130 P.M.  Uh oh, that means caffeine in my cocoa.


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