India & Tuskegee Airmen

News in late yesterday morning that Fingerprint Publishers in New Delhi has decided to publish my book on the Indian Experience in North America.  This all stems from the series of interviews I’ve been doing for Times of India the past couple of years.  When the immigration laws changed in the early 1960s, partly due to the changes brought about by civil rights legislation, which were inspired in part by Gandhi’s philosophy, many thousands of Indians made it to the U.S., chiefly for university education.  Talk about what goes around, come around!

Then in the 1980s more changes occurred and immigrants from Asia, including India, came to the States.

The achievement of Indians in such a short span–say, 1983-2013–is remarkable, and this book will examine the psychological perils and resiliencies implicit.

Having been to India a few times, and now with a ten year open visa, I’m eager to understand the psychology of success.  Ordinary, extraordinary, insightful, and bull headed…the contradictions are fascinating.

On a similar note, a friend from high school has, through his sister, sent me copies of a remarkable set of letters sent home to their grandparents from an uncle who was one of the Tuskegee Airmen.

Matters to savor.

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