Fill Her Up!

I’ve got about nine hours ahead in which to write up an interview with Pavan Mamidi for Times of India, continue research on washoku cooking and begin writing about the subject for Sewasdee magazine, finish the fascinating autobiography of Walter Yetnikoff, and read a chapter or two in the collection of memoirs written by survivors of a certain race riot that took place in 1938.

The dogs are having none of it.  One is at the 12 o’ clock position and the other is at the 4 o’ clock position from where I’m seated.  The slightest movement triggers some antediluvian urge to circle the land and stem the tide and keep out the bad guys and catch a hare.

Which is why, of course, it’s handy to have them here: Not exactly a stressful environment.

Between the writing and reading, I’ll have to buy bread: The city is rich with first rate bakeries, and the latest addition is Swiss Bakery, across from Harvard Business School, where Thomas Stohr leads teams who sell astonishing pretzels and breads and other things good to eat.  Prices are reasonable, and the products are as good as what you find in Switzerland.




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