McCoy Tyner and The Future of Home Cooking

A terrific jazz bar just down the street just announced more musicians arriving in the next few weeks.  And guess what?  If you said to yourself, “I bet McCoy Tyner is coming to town for two nights, April 5th and 6th,” you’d be right.  How did you guess?

Tyner, of course, is the pianist who worked with Coltrane on any number of deeply memorable tunes.  He turned 74 in December, and is still performing with vigor.  Catch him at Regattabar.

Meanwhile, here in The Haas Test Kitchen, I’m happy to report that last night’s pappardelle with a veal Bolognese sauce, inspired by Batali’s wild boar ragu, was a big success.  Tonight we’re talking chicken sausages, red onions, and peppers smothered in tomato sauce on sub rolls.

Some days food is a distraction.  Other days it is a relief.

Where is the space between?  The Flaubertian moment that turns into minutes and days that provide clarity?  Is memory playing a trick in having one suppose that it was ever there?  Is art the unquestioning process or inclination that we use to try to regain what was lost or thought to have been lost?

First, you fry the sausages in a little bit of olive oil…





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