Big Book Party

News just in of a big book party for BACK OF THE HOUSE at a posh NYC restaurant in mid-April.  Can’t name chef, won’t name restaurant, but it’s good.  I mean good in a a bad way or bad in a good way.  Y’know, y’know, y’know.

The news made me pucker my lips and blow kisses at the dogs, and think of turnstiles for which coin isn’t necessary.

In related news: An individual in Delhi and two individuals in Tokyo have expressed interest in BACK OF THE HOUSE.  Two of my favorite places on earth!  Where people are prolix (Delhi) and circumspect (Tokyo).  Where books allude (Tokyo) and books incite (Delhi).

Meanwhile, stateside, a whole big cord of wood arrives tomorrow.  And just in time!  Snow is falling like paint chips.  I still don’t wear a coat, but people tell me it’s cold.

Tonight it’s the last dish of Italian-American week here: Ravioli and veal Bolognese.

Talk about a party.

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