Back of the House in the News and Tuskegee Airmen

The latest news is a segment on the wonderful WCVB’s Chronicle next Friday, March 15th, @ 7:30 P.M. Filming took place at the terrific Upstairs in the Square and later in my home where I was upstaged easily by two Bernese mountain dogs.  I felt like W.C. Fields.

In related news, Daniel Boulud had his team contact me on Wednesday to offer a lovely, very private book party in mid-April at Sud Boulud.  Speechless with gratitude.  The DB folks and I are organizing media and industry invites, and with lots of follow-up–phone calls, emails, conversations, relationship building–that are so fundamentally and basically a part of publicizing anything, we hope to get a good crowd.  A few stars have already accepted.

Meanwhile, in unrelated news, The Bay State Banner, the region’s largest and most prestigious African-American newspaper, has accepted my proposal for an article on the Tuskegee Airmen.  A high school friend, Jimmy Black, had noted a few weeks ago that his uncle Albert Black was one of only 960 pilots in that division of the military.  His sister sent me copies of the letters: Remarkable, specific, humorous, and poignant.  Then, another friend, Thomas Pouncy, informed me this week that his grandfather, Hilliard Pouncy (90) was also a Tuskegee Airman!

You know what I think?  I think this will be the subject of one of my next books.


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