Top Food Stories Today!

WHOLE FOODS announced that by 2018 they will label all their Genetically Modified Foods.  Wow!  Are unions next?  Not a single Whole Foods store is unionized.  Could GMOs be a distraction?  Is food a context for enfranchisement or is enfranchisement a context for food?

LILLIAN CAHN died at age 89.  Inventor of Coach bags, co-founder of the wonderful Coach Farm cheese company, mother-in-law of Mario Batali.  A pioneer in more ways than one.

BACON: Father’s from Kentucky still outperforming all the others.  Today’s snowy choice was their Vanilla Bourbon.  Four slices and I won’t eat until late this afternoon.  Sweet, salty, crispy, redolent.

BACK OF THE HOUSE: Amazon is emailing its cookbook buyers and pushing the book as its #1 choice.

DINING OUT: Good, little meatballs followed by tagliatelle @ Club Bar @ Upstairs last night.  Simple, delicious, and savory.

UP AHEAD: Roasted branzini, fennel, white beans, and white wine.


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