The Meaning of Easter

I’m gearing up for Easter!  Why, who isn’t?  And don’t go dragging other religions into it, please.  I think we can all agree that resurrection is worth celebrating, whether it’s true or not, no matter if it was preceded by the torture of a crucifixion and a blood libel that is now in its twenty-first century.  Gee, why do have to be serious all the time?

Think Easter bunnies and Easter egg hunts.  Marshmallow chicks dyed yellow.  Hollow shell milk chocolate bunnies.

I had cousins, back in Poland, who ran chocolate factories and after a couple of them reached NYC–the rest had encountered the anonymous, serious people alluded to above who took issue with their relationship to the origin of this joyous holiday–they made little chocolate Easter eggs, wrapped in colorful foil, which we were given bags of every Easter.

Nowadays, the plastic bags are empty and we are finding new ways to celebrate.

Of course, we won’t go without the traditional boiled lobster!  No way!  I’m picking up two of these tomorrow and then on Sunday will boil heavily salted water, toss them in, and serve them up.  It’s in honor of Luke 9: 16: “Taking the five loaves and the two lobsters and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke them. Then he gave them to the disciples to distribute to the people.”

And then we’ll add a little something of our own.  I’m talking about morels, of course!  They arrived today in a little, brown cardboard box with holes in it, from Oregon Mushrooms.  These blonds are a-ma-zing!  I’ll serve a few on the side on Easter, and then on Monday put them into some Niigata rice, and on Tuesday?  Melted Gruyere and morels.

After all, it’s like the old saying goes: Easter comes but once a year!




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