One of those Weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks?  Where distractions are neck and neck with foci?  Not me, I can only imagine the distress caused by the blinkered horse, down the track, stumbling due to the scent of a candy apple.

Rather here it’s like being on some kind of a mission.  Up ahead that’s the finish line, but the race is not one or two or even ten laps.  The end is not posted.  How about that?

In food related news:

Today’s NYT had an interesting piece on izakaya, which are Japanese pubs; frankly…frankly?  Frankly, I proposed this piece nine years ago, and also have been trying to get one izakaya–just one–started in Boston.  The piece is good, but left me wondering why it did not include comments from a single Japanese born cook and why it suggested rules to ordering food in an izakaya.

Speaking of the NYT: I’m being interviewed by a reporter from the paper this morning about the book.

In other food news, we’re talking red meat scares, and here in The Haas Test Kitchen: Ramps every night!

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